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Subject: что такое секстинг By: Olegblem Date: 06/13/2021

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Subject: MY STORY By: Stephenquige Date: 06/12/2021

This is a story based off of one of my friends and I. He is my best friend in the entire world. I wouldnt trade what we have for anything.
Adam is my best friend. He is about 63 and is kind of tan considering its always cold here. Hes skinny but has a lot of muscle. He is the star player on our schools basketball and baseball teams. He is so super nice to everyone and is very smart. Hes in a lot of my classes. Hes kind of shy and quiet too.

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Subject: Gray Rock By: Leroyjoito Date: 06/12/2021

I just dont understand what happened? Jax spoke to Tyler as they rode in the front of the bus on their way back to gray rock. They continued the discussion as the boys complained about not getting to see the girls and such. The whole bus ride back was noisy. As the bus pulled into the parking lot and the cadets made their way back to the dorms Jax and Tyler made their way to the armory to check in their weapons. Jax spoke as they walked I know you dont agree with all the behind the scenes stuff he motioned with his fingers as if quoting. But I also have seen how you look and act around that cadet…whats his name…max.

Subject: Caravan of love By: ChesterCancy Date: 06/12/2021

God I need a cigarette! I gasped as I collapsed, exhausted, at the top of the small mountain my team had just hiked up in the Lake District.
Youre supposed to be setting us a good example. Khalid laughed as he flopped down next to me quickly followed by his two schoolmates.
Fu…To Hell with that! I laughed, I deserve one after a walk like that.
Still laughing at me puffing and panting the boys whispered something, then Khalid turned to me and asked nervously; Do you really want a smoke?

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Subject: Куплю дом Красноярск By: Lewisannef Date: 06/12/2021

Subject: Turning His Angel Into A Slut By: Stephenbib Date: 06/12/2021

I tried so hard to remember what had gotten me here.Could it have happened that first night in the movie theatre?Could it have been when he was fucking me?Could it have been in the theatre today?These are all questions that went through my head.
The first night we went to the movies turned out to be a most memorable one.My Daddy wanted a blow job.He didnt care who was around, or if they saw, he only wanted to release and release he did.He unzipped his pants and pulled them down away from his cock then took his hand and wrapped it around the back of my neck.

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