Rumpshaker Adventure 10/13

10/13/2012 20:32

    We say goodbye to Midway Marina after topping off our gas tanks.  Destination - Columbus Marina, 4 locks and 60 miles away.  Fulton Lock

is a mere 3 miles from the marina and we try to hail the lockmaster to find out how long the wait will be.  After several unsuccessful attemps, we try a radio check to make sure we are broadcasting.  Midway Marina responds.  So, why isn't Fulton Lock responding?  Of course we have no telephone coverage to phone the lock, so all we can do is keep trying.  We tie up to the wall and after three more unsuccessful attemps, our hail is answered.  The lock master was not receiving our hail...hmmm.  After locking through, we enter a long channel on our way to GLover Wilkins Lock 14.7 miles away.  

I had Rob take a photo of the floating bollard inside of the lock to show ;you what these look like as this is different than locking through in Minnesota.  It was real nice of one of the people we met to share with us that we need to watch out for snakes that sometimes make their home there.

The remaining locks are open and ready for us to lock through so we make good time today and will have no problem reaching Columbus Marina before twilight.  IN the meanwhile, we enjoy the southern scenery. 

We even spot and successfully photograph a watersnake...anyone recognize the species?

At MM338.7 we pass the Tom Soya grain handling complex

We saw quite a number of fishermen today and absolutely no tows, except for the one we locked through with at Amory Lock.

It was also fun to see active campers this late in the season...

As we approached Stennis Lock we spotted Columbus Marina - our port for tonight!  From the time the waterway was built, the Corps of Engineers had planned for a marina to be at this location.  There were several false starts over almost 15 years.  Then in 1999 it really happened and what you see is the result.  In short, this is a well equipped full service marina where everything is almost new.  

We have phone service tonight, so, we will catch up with our kids and our friends, Erik and Stacey, who are planning to come and visit us the middle of November!