Rumpshaker Adventure 10/8

10/10/2012 23:06

Happy Birthday wishes to Kimi and Julie R.!!!

We were all set to get up and underway at 7:00AM, but the fog was so thick, we had to wait until 9AM for it to burn off.  Then with a nice, but cool, sunny day, we set off.  Rob did not encounter any Asian Carp when he motored the dogs to shore in PITA - good thing!

We are trying to find a good spot to anchor out again tonight, but prospective sights near Clifton Marina where we plan to top off our gas is not looking good.  The channel is wide and deep and there are no little bays to get off channel to anchor out of the way of tows.  It is pretty and we are amazed at the number of really nice homes on this stretch of the river.  



We encounter 4 tows today - 3 traveling north and we pass one heading our southerly direction.  The current is still strong and at 1900 RPMs, we are only averaging 7 MPH.


We get to Clifton Marina before we can find a good spot to anchor out, so we decide to transient here.  We are really glad we did, because this is a nice marina.  Very clean and like new!  We meet Gene, the owner/operator who invites us in the ships store/restaurant and buys us a beer and we swap stories.  Then we head back to our boat for a movie and much needed R&R!