Rumpshaker Adventure 10/9

10/11/2012 00:06

Tuesday, 10/9 - Depart for Grand Harbor Marina.  Heavy fog again so we hung out at Clifton until about 9:30AM.  Then off we went!

The Tennessee current is extremely strong and we are running 2020 RPMs to keep our speed at 7MPH.  Rob is getting a bit frustrated with this upcurrent battle and I remind him of the beautiful day and the fact that we are almost through to the Tenn-Tom where we won't be fighting current.

Soon, we approach Pickwick Landing Lock and we lock through right away with 2 other cruisers.  One is headed for Pickwick Landing Park and the other to Grand Harbor as we are.  Once through, our breath is taken away with the beauty of Pickwick Lake.  It is so vast, we are sure that Mike & Cindy will want to spread Aurora's sails when they get here!

Grand Harbor is super nice and we are greeted by three boaters who help us get tied up.  Then it's cocktails time!  We meet a nice couple from Green Turtle Bay on their way home.  We tell them to be sure and watch for Aurora and Tango and to hail our greetings to them when they pass by!