Rumpshaker Adventure

08/22/2012 07:00

8/22 – 9/6, 2012

After a few days, Rob decides to get back to the house to finish packing for our move.  I’m staying on the boat with the dogs.  It’s lonely without Rob.  I spend the time plotting out various routes for our trip, long walks, and organizing/reorganizing the boat .  There’s always interesting sights on the river.  I am getting into a daily routine and passing time while we wait for parts. 

Bill, Stu, and Tracy from River Heights Marina surprised me with a visit and some snacks for our trip!  So thoughtful!!

The weather is very warm and I’m happy to be on the water where I’m catching a nice breeze.

As there are  no slips available to us at Windmill Marina, we are slipped out at the public dock.  City employee, Gordie, has been very accommodating to our need and has discounted the regular fee for overnight docking.

We decide to replace both v-drive pumps to avoid trouble.

We are moved to a slip at Windmill Marina.  Lost the great view, but it is wonderful to have electric power again!