Rumpshaker Adventure

09/14/2012 10:12

Friday, 9/14/12

Took the Rump out for a test drive; all bolts have been tightened and we should have been ready to go.  BUT Rob is feeling a vibration that has him thinking we may have an issue with either a drive shaft or transmission…why not, I ask?

We ask the mechanic at Bluff Harbor to take a ride with us and he is certain we need a new transmission.  What???  We need a 2nd opinion.  Rob spoke with one of his most knowledgeable mechanics out of Chicago who advised us not to run out and do a transmission replacement.  He said, check these things first…

  1.  Did the noise quit at a higher RPM
  2. Have the carburetors been tuned after the v-drive replacement
  3. Is the damper plate working properly

Rob tuned the carburetors and the Rump sounds great again.  Good to get 2nd opinions.