Rumpshaker Adventure

09/15/2012 10:12

Saturday, 9/15/2012

Okay, we’re still here.  We decided to walk up to “Loads of Fun”, a local Laundromat to wash 2 loads of clothes.  It was a 3 mile hike, mostly uphill, but hey – it’s downhill all the way back, right?



When we got back to the boat, we took the dogs for a nice long walk and then had dinner. 

Should we go see Johnny Winter?  We want to, but tickets are most likely sold out.  Maybe our new friend, Bob Saars, put a couple away for us.  Only one way to find out.  Ralph, a fellow boater, saw us walking up to the theater and gave us a ride.  Once there, we found that Bob did not have any tickets waiting for us at “will call” and there were just 2 tickets left – single tickets – not together.

We asked if someone would go find Bob so we could let him know that we decided to come and on the off chance he might have something for us.

Bob was happy to see us.  Yes, he has tickets for us, but we need to be patient for a bit as he also has something else cooked up for us.  He left us only to return shortly afterward with front row seat tickets AND an invitation to visit with Johnny  in his trailer before the show.  WHAT!  Shut the front door!  Seriously????!!!!

It was an amazing evening!  Meeting this humble talented man was a once in a life time experience and Johnny Winter’s performance was phenomenal!   

Bob is definitely one of those people who we feel fortunate to have met.  Not just because of the JW tickets but because he is a very interesting person to talk to and he is a genuine soul. 

Side note.  Bob Saar is a published writer.  His book, “In Memory of David’s Buick” can be purchased on Amazon.