Rumpshaker Adventure

09/07/2012 08:30

DEP 9/7/12@8:30AM

Traveling today at 9 MPH.  Light rain is keeping us wet, but visibility is good.  T-Mobile phone service is very spotty – internet nonexistent.  Dogs are doing great.  Lily is curled up on the couch and Retzer isn’t panting J 

There are a lot of bluffs in this area along with many small side channels that are tempting to explore and throw out a hook, but no time for fishing.  We’ve seen a total of 7 Bald Eagles and I think I spotted 3 Golden Eagles!    

LD#4 – 7, we locked right through, “floating” which means we didn’t have to stay on the wall and hold a rope.  LD#8, only gave us a 30 minute wait.  We arrived in Lansing IA @ 7:30PM after 5 locks and 75 miles and were met at the Lansing Municipal Harbor by 3 guys who helped us tie our lines.  The wind was blowing pretty strong so we were happy for their help. 

Lansing Municipal Harbor is a family owned marina and owners Bob and Linda Loomis are more than helpful.  They’ve invited us to stay for their annual BBQ cook off contest on Saturday, that will include live music and an outdoor movie about all the events they’ve hosted in the last year.  We’d love to stay, but we’re feeling the tug of the river and the need to get further south.  The nights have been wonderfully cool for sleeping, but it is a reminder that we are in our Fall season and gas docks on the Upper Mississippi will not be open much longer.