Rumpshaker Adventure

09/11/2012 08:15

DEP 9/11/2012@8:15AM

Sunny, windy day. 

LD#13 is only challenging because of wind coming from the south at 15-20MPH.  PITA is difficult to adjust the lines for locking so we’ll reconfigure at our next stop. 

We locked right through LD#14-15A.  Our Starboard tank was out of gas and with the Port tank at half full, we decided to stop at “Fairport Landing” to fuel up.  We met a nice guy who’s made the trip to the Gulf several times.  He recommended we stay the night at Muscatine Municipal Boat Harbor – just on the other side of LD#16.

We found the water level at the Muscatine Boat Harbor a shallow 4 feet, but not a problem as we draw 27” which gives us plenty of room.  It was quite warm, so after our lines were secured, I started the reverse cycle air.  Since we had PITA tied along the Port side, I thought I’d better check to make sure that the discharge water from our reverse cycle air wasn’t pouring into her; Rob’s had enough bailing exercise!  Imagine my disappointment when I discovered that no water was discharging.  Off went the reverse cycle air and down in the hole went Rob.  Rob checked the hoses for any blockage and took the unit apart; could find nothing wrong.  Put everything back together, it works fine.   We figured that because we hadn’t used the reverse cycle air for quite a while (the weathers been plenty cool for sleeping) that there was a magnetic lock in the pump (similar to an aquarium’s pump that hasn’t been worked for awhile). 

We walked the dogs and then grilled hot dogs for dinner.  We were able to get TV reception, so we caught the local news and a couple of lame TV sitcoms!  The highway bridge in Muscatine lights up at night with changing color patterns – kind of like Christmas Tree lights! 


Early start tomorrow - hope to make Burlington – we have a long 51 mile stretch of river with no marinas and 2 locks before we get to our next destination, Bluff Harbor Marina.