Rumpshaker Adventure

09/12/2012 07:00

DEP 9/12/2012@7:00AM

I can’t believe we’re already into day 6 of travel!  Today is sunny and a forecasted warm of 88®.  Wind is from the south@10-12MPH. 

I’ve been reflecting to Rob on our river journey.  It’s like life, in that at the beginning, everything is so exciting and new, full of possibilities and opportunity.  Then the excitement levels off as routine takes over and the days run together, with only an occasional bump.  The journey is still enjoyable and memories are made.  The end of the journey comes all too soon and we’re never quite ready with wishes that we’d done something a little different, stayed a little longer, traveled a little slower.

“THUNK”…Starboard engine is running, but transmission is not working.  We’re at MM463 (Mile Marker #463) and the bolts on our starboard v-drive have sheered off….seriously?!!!  I am not loving those Windmill Marina mechanics even a little bit at this point!

Well, we’ll just have to motor to Burlington on one engine.  That is AFTER Rob checks the bolts on the Port  engine…and good thing he checked…they were also loose. 

Phoned ahead and reserved a slip at Bluff Harbor Marina.  They have internet, so I can finally post some photos of our trip! 

Around MM388, we came upon a Southbound tow having trouble navigating the gusty wind.  We hung out with him a bit until he was able to navigate a corner.  Quite interesting to watch and an excellent time for a lunch break!

Safely reached Bluff Harbor Marina.  The water level here is really low…maybe 30 inches deep.  With our 27” draft, we’re churning mud!

This is a nice marina with friendly staff.  Rob is going to meet with their mechanic tomorrow to discuss v-drive bolt replacement.  In the meanwhile, we are walking over to “Big Muddy,”  a converted freight station turned restaurant for dinner.