The RumpShaker Adventure 10/7

10/10/2012 21:14

We said good bye to Green Turtle Bay Marina at 8:00AM.  It's partly cloudy and high temps are forecasted in the high 60's.  Brrr - it's a cool 35 degrees this morning - definately time to head south!

This should be a good cruising day as we will not have to lock through any LDs.  

The Kentucky Lake is beautiful and once the sun peeks out from behind the clouds, we can actually enjoy this!

We have seen a lot of fishermen on this stretch and even watched as one landed a large catfish.  No photo because we were too busy navigting and trying to watch the fishermen through binoculars.

We find a nice spot to anchor out at MM94.  It was difficult to navigate through the weed mats, kind of like a skills test, but definately worth it as we were well protected from the channel.  

After a good meal of grilled hamburgers, we settled in with crossword puzzles and checking "active Captain" for an anchorage tomorrow night.