Rumpshaker Adventure

09/03/2012 07:01

Monday, 9/3

All systems are go!  We decide to take a test drive only to find after 30 minutes out that our battery power is failing.  Rob thinks it could be the alternator.  Oh no…maybe we’re not supposed to take this trip?!  Sure enough, we lose power!  Ann's quick thinking to the rescue!  We throw anchor and use the generator to power the battery and putt back to the marina.  Good news!  Only the groundwire became dislodged when the $70/hour mechanics replaced the v-drive pumps...grrrr!  Departure date re-set to Thursday, 9/6!!

Surprise visit from Chris, Becky and the girls on Monday, 9/3!

Surprise visit from Dave & Helen on Tuesday, 9/4!